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Meet a WAIER Researcher

Caroline Mansfield
Murdoch University
Susan Beltman
Curtin University

Dr Caroline Mansfield is an Associate Professor in the School of Education, Murdoch University, Western Australia. Her research focuses on teachers and students in learning contexts, with emphasis on motivation, instruction, and resilience. Caroline has led two successful funded projects on teacher resilience, Keeping Cool: Embedding resilience in initial teacher education curriculum, and BRiTE: Building Resilience in Teacher Education. She is also a third country partner in Keeping Cool Europe: Enhancing Teacher REsilience in Europe and involved in an interdisciplinary resilience project VetSet2Go: Building Veterinary Employability. She has received awards of excellence for research, teaching and professional service and in 2016 has been awarded an OLT National Teaching Fellowship to continue work in teacher resilience.

Dr Susan Beltman is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Curtin University, Western Australia. A former School Psychologist, Sue has contributed to the Aussie Optimism and ResponseAbility resilience projects. Teacher Resilience research includes two Australian projects: Keeping Cool: Embedding Resiliency in the Initial Teacher Education Curriculum and BRiTE _, as well as a _European Union Lifelong Learning Program project called ENTREE (_ENhancing Teacher REsilience in Europe). She has presented workshops on teacher resilience for groups such as the Child Australia Conference, the Cockburn-Fremantle Education Network, and the EU funded RESCUR (Resilience Curriculum) project in Crete.

Research Interests

Teacher resilience, teacher education, pre-service teachers, teacher identity, teacher motivation, mentoring.


Caroline and Susan have worked together on projects concerning teacher resilience since 2009. The Keeping Cool project (Mansfield et al., 2009-2012) established a four dimensional framework of teacher resilience as well as a website, annotated bibliography and resources. Findings from this project led to a subsequent project, BRiTE: Building Resilience in Teacher Education (Mansfield et al., 2013-2015).

The BRiTE project developed five online interactive learning modules to help pre-service teachers build capacity for resilience in the teaching profession. The modules address the following topics:
- Building resilience: What is resilience and why is it important for teachers?
- Relationships: Building and maintaining relationships
- Wellbeing: Self-care, motivation and managing work life balance
- Taking initiative: Problem solving, ongoing professional learning and communicating effectively
- Emotions: Emotional awareness, management and optimism.

Each module begins with a self-reflection quiz, which informs a personal plan for engaging with each module. The modules contain reflection questions, skills and strategies, tips, interactive learning activities, videos, further resources and scenarios where skills can be applied. Sections entitled ‘What do the experts say?’ also show how the content is informed by latest research and provide links to publications. An interactive feature is the opportunity to ‘pin’ items of interest and save these to a personal toolkit, which can be developed as users progress through the modules. The toolkit can be downloaded for future reference. The modules are also connected to the Australian teaching profession via links to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST), the Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Evaluation of the modules has been highly positive with pre-service teachers, teacher educators and experts in the field giving an overall rating on content and online design of 4.17, of a possible 5. The BRiTE modules are relevant to pre-service teachers, teacher educators and employers of teacher education graduates. The modules may also be of value to higher education providers interested in ways to support resilience of university students, particularly in light of the professions they will enter. Finally, the particular design features of the modules may inform those developing online resources and learning experiences for students in higher education.


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